A Poem for those who Stare


I see you staring.

Yes, you.
I see you.

I have eyes,
my eyes have I
and we see you,
seeing me,
see you.

I see you, so stop staring,
and start seeing me.

I see you.
Using those eyes,
to draw conclusions
that construct a narrative
grounded only

in your truth that lies
in your narrow mindedness.

I see you.
Whispering to your kids.
Putting two and two together
to get five
reasons whyΒ I may have, should have, could have,
turned out this way.

I see you
convincing yourself to believe some ridiculous religious explanation.
I hear you,
trying to say its God,
or the devil
trying to punish me, prepare me, pity me.
Pity full.
Just full…of yourself.
Full of your selfish need to make my body make sense to you.

Full of shhhhh..

SHUT UP those wide eyes, gaping stares,
and even wider disbelief
that she can have one arm and be


The growth of my heart was not stunted with that of my body.
The limits of my flesh don’t bear root in my soul,
and will never cast shadows on spirit.

I see you.
So, really try to see me.
or see that I don’t fuckin play.


*Ze and Zir are gender neutral pronouns. The I AMputee Blog prides itself on maintaining an inclusive environment. Thank you Β πŸ™‚



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